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Posted Sun 16th Sep

October is Spring Cup month! So make sure your results count.

Spring is here in Aus, with the warmer weather a few snakes have been noticed, good idea to keep an eye out for them.

ON a more serious note. It's Fairy tern breeding season in WA.They are an endangered species,

The Mandurah Enviromental services is going all out to protect the nesting sites, once the parents are disturbed they don't come back to the nest and the chicks die.

Creery Island reserve is one of the few places enclosed by a big fence to keep dogs, cats etc out.

Walking over the Island can disturb the parents, leading to the death of chics. So it's important to stay off all land in the reserve.

The last word we had from DEPWA was any more complaints and they'd have to do something. That could involve banning wind surfers from all RAMSAR protected areas. This includes some of the best windsurfing spots!

There are lots of "birdies" around, with big lense cameras. So sailing in the "pond" during breeding season, could lead to a loss of some great sailing spots.


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Day 1 of Weymouth Speed Week 2018
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