RankMap Country Score
1 Australia 1
2 Croatia 2
3 Netherlands 6
4 Belgium 9
5 Great Britain 18
6 Sweden 40
7 New Zealand 45
8 Greece 48
9 United States of America 50

GPS Units
Posted Wed 12th Nov
The Canmore GP102 is now accepted for GPSTC data recording.
The unit is limited in that it does not allow the detailed data checking that the GT31 allows.
Therefore it is recommended that if you are looking to get to the upper levels of the rankings you should be using a GT31.

To enhance the ability to check top level data it is requested that any post in the top 15 of the individual rankings is also submitted to www.gps-speedsurfing.com 
Each team is responsible for checking data to keep the challenge as accurate as possible. If you are uncertain about the accuracy of a track please contact your team captain or use the contact link on the homepage.
KA72.com is the easiest way for most posts to the challenge to be made and further analysis can be carried out using additional software. Please consider supporting the windsurfers who have put time in to developing software.
GPS Action Replay  (www.gpsactionreplay.com)
GPS Results (www.gps-speed.com)
Real Speed (www.intellimass.com) Windows only
Latest Sessions
Thu 27th NovemberAU - SASA Speed DemonsTrousers
Just a lazy 100km sail Sam!  Get to
2 / 246 minutes ago
Tue 25th NovemberAU - NSWMid-North-Central Coast MaraudersJustinL
Sans Souci, NSW, AU Patrik Slalom 128
7 / 41 hour ago
Wed 26th NovemberAU - NSWMid-North-Central Coast MaraudersJustinL
Clontarf, NSW, AU Patrik Formula V3
3 / 21 hour ago
Thu 27th NovemberAU - NSWMid-North-Central Coast MaraudersJustinL
Manly, NSW, AU Patrik Formula V111
3 / 01 hour ago
Sun 23rd NovemberAU - WAPinnaroossboardcrazy
Cripes Mineral what a day! Bet you learn
9 / 172 hours ago
Thu 27th November [PB]x5AU - TASTassie Speed SeekersKazza
Pipe Clay Lagoon, TAS, AU 7.0 OD R4 &nb
4 / 02 hours ago
Tue 25th NovemberAU - NSWLake Macquariesboardcrazy
It's a pity that angle is probably the o
6 / 104 hours ago
Thu 27th NovemberGB - Engl-ETeam EastStephen Squirrell
Only had to work two days this week :) s
1 / 06 hours ago
Tue 25th November [PB]x1HR - WestNevera s Kvarnera!Brane
To Sine močan si ;)
1 / 810 hours ago
Wed 26th NovemberAU - SASA Speed DemonsCarl Macdonald
I am keen to sail there again - count me
2 / 712 hours ago
Thu 27th NovemberAU - VICBonno BlastersJAK
Great numbers Jerry, you were on fire!
2 / 113 hours ago
Wed 26th NovemberAU - VICBonno BlastersJman
You started 2 hours earlier than me anyw
2 / 214 hours ago
Wed 26th November [PB]x2AU - TASTassie Speed SeekersSteve Charles
Nice one applecore
3 / 115 hours ago
Thu 27th November [PB]x1AU - QLDSunshine Coast VikingsRurik
Lake Cootharaba, QLD, AU iSonic 90, RSS
2 / 217 hours ago
Mon 24th November [PB]x2AU - WAPinnaroossboardcrazy
Great speed Anita!
8 / 2219 hours ago
Sun 23rd NovemberAU - NSWLake Macquariesboardcrazy
Budgewoi Lake, NSW, AU12-18kts odd ENE .
2 / 119 hours ago
Thu 27th NovemberAU - NSWLake Macquariesboardcrazy
15-20kts + SE Laycock st Carey Bay, NSW,
1 / 019 hours ago
Wed 26th NovemberAU - WACoastal Speed teamWindxtasy
With the distances you guys drive to get
2 / 521 hours ago
Wed 26th NovemberAU - NSWDouble Demeritspowersloshin
It's almost Saturday, we'll be all there
1 / 121 hours ago
Wed 26th NovemberAU - NSWIllawarra SpeedstersChris
Lake Illawarra, NSW, AU Well the NE cam
3 / 01 day ago
Wed 26th NovemberAU - QLDFNQ MobRossco
Nice to see you got some wind up there H
2 / 21 day ago
Wed 26th NovemberAU - QLDBoard Crazy BoysPete953
Lake Weyba, QLD, AU. Isonic117/44 Drake/
1 / 02 days ago
Wed 26th NovemberAU - NSWACT GustbustersKeef
Wollumboula Lake, NSW, AU  got a te
2 / 02 days ago
Wed 26th NovemberAU - QLDBurrum Heads M.O.B.starboardsailor
Urangan, QLD, AU P377 Lion 7.5 45cm
1 / 02 days ago
Wed 26th NovemberAU - WAPinnaroosPointman
I was keen for a dawny this morning, did
1 / 12 days ago