Monthly Team Rankings for:

2 Second Peak
1Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Boardriders Club45.30
2Flanders (Belgium)O-Spot44.56
3South (Netherlands)BeNeFun speedteam42.63
4North West (Netherlands)Wad1team42.21
5South (Netherlands)Team Oolderplas42.18
6New South Wales (Australia)Lake Macquarie41.53
7South (Netherlands)Grevelingen Chop Team41.13
8New South Wales (Australia)Illawarra Speedsters40.86
9Western Australia (Australia)Coastal Speed team40.68
10South (Croatia)Croatian Speed Team40.61
11Western Australia (Australia)Mandurah Mob39.52
12South (Great Britain)Portland Pirates39.52
13New South Wales (Australia)The Breakaways39.10
14Queensland (Australia)Moreton Bay Mob38.50
15New South Wales (Australia)Central Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)38.34
16New Caledonia (France)Crazy Frogs38.13
17Western Australia (Australia)Pinnaroos38.03
18Queensland (Australia)Board Crazy Crew37.98
19Tasmania (Australia)Tassie Speed Seekers37.90
20New South Wales (Australia)Mid-North Coast Marauders37.32
21South Island (New Zealand)One Eyed Cantabrians37.22
22Victoria (Australia)Connewarre Cremasters36.33
23USA (United States of America)United Speedsailors of America36.01
24New South Wales (Australia)ACT Gustbusters35.44
25Western Australia (Australia)One More Knot35.38
26South (Croatia)Cro Windfakers34.91
27Middle (Netherlands)Team Horst-Speed4Fun34.78
28New South Wales (Australia)Double Demerits34.74
29Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Locals Team34.49
30South Australia (Australia)Bogan Speed Team34.34
31Western Australia (Australia)Perth Southsiders34.16
32East (Great Britain)Team East33.90
33East (Sweden)East Coast Speed Hawks33.86
34Queensland (Australia)Gold Coast Speed Team33.51
35Victoria (Australia)The Pit Crew33.20
36Queensland (Australia)Sunshine Coast Vikings32.66
37South Australia (Australia)SA Speed Demons31.07
38Queensland (Australia)Redcliffe Freeriders30.99
39Queensland (Australia)FNQ Mob30.45
40North (Croatia)Cro Gust Busters30.41
41West (Croatia)Nevera s Kvarnera!30.19
42South (Netherlands)Dutch Fun Speeders29.67
43Italy North East (Italy)Italian Bora Riders29.21
44Victoria (Australia)The Southerly Busters28.93
5 x 10 Second Average
1Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Boardriders Club42.32
2Flanders (Belgium)O-Spot41.40
3South (Netherlands)Team Oolderplas40.26
4North West (Netherlands)Wad1team40.26
5South (Netherlands)BeNeFun speedteam39.25
6South (Croatia)Croatian Speed Team38.58
7New South Wales (Australia)Lake Macquarie38.46
8Western Australia (Australia)Coastal Speed team38.29
9South (Netherlands)Grevelingen Chop Team38.26
10New South Wales (Australia)Illawarra Speedsters38.16
11South (Great Britain)Portland Pirates37.12
12Queensland (Australia)Moreton Bay Mob36.52
13Western Australia (Australia)Mandurah Mob36.50
14New South Wales (Australia)Central Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)36.21
15Queensland (Australia)Board Crazy Crew36.06
16New South Wales (Australia)The Breakaways35.87
17South Island (New Zealand)One Eyed Cantabrians35.72
18Tasmania (Australia)Tassie Speed Seekers34.89
19USA (United States of America)United Speedsailors of America34.19
20Western Australia (Australia)Pinnaroos34.13
21New South Wales (Australia)Mid-North Coast Marauders33.84
22New South Wales (Australia)ACT Gustbusters33.61
23Victoria (Australia)Connewarre Cremasters33.50
24South (Croatia)Cro Windfakers33.44
25New South Wales (Australia)Double Demerits33.02
26Middle (Netherlands)Team Horst-Speed4Fun32.78
27East (Great Britain)Team East32.25
28East (Sweden)East Coast Speed Hawks31.69
29South Australia (Australia)Bogan Speed Team31.05
30Western Australia (Australia)One More Knot30.98
31Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Locals Team30.73
32Victoria (Australia)The Pit Crew30.69
33Queensland (Australia)Gold Coast Speed Team30.46
34Queensland (Australia)Sunshine Coast Vikings30.28
35New Caledonia (France)Crazy Frogs30.22
36Western Australia (Australia)Perth Southsiders30.18
37Queensland (Australia)FNQ Mob29.57
38West (Croatia)Nevera s Kvarnera!28.87
39Queensland (Australia)Redcliffe Freeriders28.63
40South (Netherlands)Dutch Fun Speeders28.18
41North (Croatia)Cro Gust Busters28.04
42Victoria (Australia)The Southerly Busters27.82
43South Australia (Australia)SA Speed Demons27.62
44Italy North East (Italy)Italian Bora Riders26.60
1 Hour
1Queensland (Australia)FNQ Mob22.27
2Queensland (Australia)Board Crazy Crew22.03
3New South Wales (Australia)Central Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)21.15
4Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Locals Team21.13
5Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Boardriders Club21.09
6Queensland (Australia)Sunshine Coast Vikings20.93
7Western Australia (Australia)Mandurah Mob20.51
8South Australia (Australia)Bogan Speed Team20.06
9New Caledonia (France)Crazy Frogs19.16
10Victoria (Australia)The Pit Crew19.05
11South (Croatia)Croatian Speed Team18.86
12New South Wales (Australia)Lake Macquarie18.85
13South (Great Britain)Portland Pirates18.66
14South (Netherlands)BeNeFun speedteam18.63
15New South Wales (Australia)Illawarra Speedsters18.56
16Queensland (Australia)Moreton Bay Mob18.56
17New South Wales (Australia)The Breakaways18.26
18East (Sweden)East Coast Speed Hawks18.11
19Queensland (Australia)Redcliffe Freeriders17.80
20Tasmania (Australia)Tassie Speed Seekers17.46
21North West (Netherlands)Wad1team17.44
22New South Wales (Australia)Mid-North Coast Marauders16.98
23South Island (New Zealand)One Eyed Cantabrians16.66
24Western Australia (Australia)Pinnaroos16.37
25USA (United States of America)United Speedsailors of America16.14
26Flanders (Belgium)O-Spot16.01
27South (Croatia)Cro Windfakers15.41
28New South Wales (Australia)Double Demerits15.14
29Victoria (Australia)Connewarre Cremasters15.09
30East (Great Britain)Team East15.06
31Middle (Netherlands)Team Horst-Speed4Fun14.88
32Western Australia (Australia)Coastal Speed team14.84
33South (Netherlands)Grevelingen Chop Team14.50
34New South Wales (Australia)ACT Gustbusters14.27
35South (Netherlands)Team Oolderplas13.79
36Queensland (Australia)Gold Coast Speed Team13.36
37North (Croatia)Cro Gust Busters12.84
38Italy North East (Italy)Italian Bora Riders12.68
39Western Australia (Australia)Perth Southsiders9.43
40West (Croatia)Nevera s Kvarnera!9.35
41South (Netherlands)Dutch Fun Speeders9.23
42Victoria (Australia)The Southerly Busters9.20
43Western Australia (Australia)One More Knot8.35
44South Australia (Australia)SA Speed Demons6.85
Alpha Racing 500m
1Western Australia (Australia)Coastal Speed team26.23
2New South Wales (Australia)Lake Macquarie25.56
3New South Wales (Australia)Central Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)25.42
4South (Netherlands)BeNeFun speedteam25.28
5Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Boardriders Club25.09
6Western Australia (Australia)Mandurah Mob25.00
7South (Croatia)Croatian Speed Team24.84
8New South Wales (Australia)Illawarra Speedsters24.39
9Queensland (Australia)Board Crazy Crew24.33
10Western Australia (Australia)Pinnaroos23.75
11South (Great Britain)Portland Pirates23.71
12Flanders (Belgium)O-Spot23.41
13New South Wales (Australia)Double Demerits23.26
14Queensland (Australia)Moreton Bay Mob23.00
15South (Croatia)Cro Windfakers22.97
16South (Netherlands)Team Oolderplas22.56
17Queensland (Australia)FNQ Mob22.55
18New South Wales (Australia)The Breakaways22.46
19North West (Netherlands)Wad1team22.44
20Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Locals Team22.32
21Tasmania (Australia)Tassie Speed Seekers21.80
22South Island (New Zealand)One Eyed Cantabrians21.77
23Queensland (Australia)Redcliffe Freeriders21.73
24New South Wales (Australia)Mid-North Coast Marauders21.66
25West (Croatia)Nevera s Kvarnera!21.52
26New Caledonia (France)Crazy Frogs21.48
27Queensland (Australia)Sunshine Coast Vikings21.44
28USA (United States of America)United Speedsailors of America21.25
29Victoria (Australia)The Pit Crew20.84
30South Australia (Australia)Bogan Speed Team20.73
31North (Croatia)Cro Gust Busters20.50
32South (Netherlands)Grevelingen Chop Team20.11
33East (Sweden)East Coast Speed Hawks20.04
34New South Wales (Australia)ACT Gustbusters19.99
35East (Great Britain)Team East19.80
36Western Australia (Australia)One More Knot19.57
37Middle (Netherlands)Team Horst-Speed4Fun19.36
38Queensland (Australia)Gold Coast Speed Team19.01
39Western Australia (Australia)Perth Southsiders18.63
40South Australia (Australia)SA Speed Demons17.82
41Victoria (Australia)Connewarre Cremasters17.64
42Italy North East (Italy)Italian Bora Riders17.45
43South (Netherlands)Dutch Fun Speeders16.36
44Victoria (Australia)The Southerly Busters15.95
Nautical Mile
1Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Boardriders Club34.45
2New South Wales (Australia)Illawarra Speedsters33.97
3South (Netherlands)Grevelingen Chop Team32.79
4Tasmania (Australia)Tassie Speed Seekers31.16
5Western Australia (Australia)Coastal Speed team31.14
6New South Wales (Australia)ACT Gustbusters31.07
7Queensland (Australia)Board Crazy Crew30.57
8New South Wales (Australia)Central Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)29.76
9New South Wales (Australia)Lake Macquarie29.73
10Western Australia (Australia)Mandurah Mob29.66
11USA (United States of America)United Speedsailors of America29.35
12North West (Netherlands)Wad1team29.23
13South (Croatia)Cro Windfakers29.14
14Flanders (Belgium)O-Spot29.10
15New South Wales (Australia)The Breakaways28.14
16South (Great Britain)Portland Pirates28.10
17Queensland (Australia)Moreton Bay Mob27.87
18Victoria (Australia)The Pit Crew27.44
19East (Sweden)East Coast Speed Hawks27.37
20New South Wales (Australia)Double Demerits26.94
21South (Netherlands)BeNeFun speedteam26.87
22Western Australia (Australia)Pinnaroos26.76
23Queensland (Australia)FNQ Mob26.67
24South (Croatia)Croatian Speed Team26.53
25Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Locals Team26.17
26South Island (New Zealand)One Eyed Cantabrians26.12
27Queensland (Australia)Sunshine Coast Vikings25.69
28New South Wales (Australia)Mid-North Coast Marauders25.62
29New Caledonia (France)Crazy Frogs25.44
30South Australia (Australia)Bogan Speed Team24.82
31South (Netherlands)Team Oolderplas24.49
32North (Croatia)Cro Gust Busters23.23
33West (Croatia)Nevera s Kvarnera!22.64
34East (Great Britain)Team East22.63
35Western Australia (Australia)One More Knot22.62
36Middle (Netherlands)Team Horst-Speed4Fun22.19
37Victoria (Australia)Connewarre Cremasters21.12
38Queensland (Australia)Redcliffe Freeriders21.09
39Italy North East (Italy)Italian Bora Riders20.52
40Western Australia (Australia)Perth Southsiders20.02
41Queensland (Australia)Gold Coast Speed Team19.34
42Victoria (Australia)The Southerly Busters19.25
43South Australia (Australia)SA Speed Demons18.96
44South (Netherlands)Dutch Fun Speeders17.60
Distance Travelled
1Queensland (Australia)FNQ Mob175.55
2Queensland (Australia)Board Crazy Crew147.66
3USA (United States of America)United Speedsailors of America128.14
4Queensland (Australia)Sunshine Coast Vikings112.16
5New South Wales (Australia)Central Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)107.77
6South (Netherlands)BeNeFun speedteam106.59
7Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Locals Team105.82
8Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Boardriders Club105.04
9South (Croatia)Cro Windfakers91.25
10South (Croatia)Croatian Speed Team90.55
11Western Australia (Australia)Mandurah Mob86.47
12South Australia (Australia)Bogan Speed Team86.23
13New South Wales (Australia)Lake Macquarie85.30
14New South Wales (Australia)Illawarra Speedsters84.97
15South (Netherlands)Team Oolderplas84.30
16New South Wales (Australia)Double Demerits81.34
17South (Netherlands)Grevelingen Chop Team76.37
18New South Wales (Australia)Mid-North Coast Marauders75.73
19East (Sweden)East Coast Speed Hawks74.35
20Queensland (Australia)Redcliffe Freeriders73.01
21Western Australia (Australia)Coastal Speed team71.67
22Flanders (Belgium)O-Spot71.63
23South (Great Britain)Portland Pirates70.08
24Queensland (Australia)Moreton Bay Mob68.63
25South Island (New Zealand)One Eyed Cantabrians67.67
26North West (Netherlands)Wad1team67.18
27New Caledonia (France)Crazy Frogs65.65
28Western Australia (Australia)Pinnaroos63.46
29New South Wales (Australia)The Breakaways62.99
30Victoria (Australia)Connewarre Cremasters62.89
31East (Great Britain)Team East56.95
32New South Wales (Australia)ACT Gustbusters55.77
33Middle (Netherlands)Team Horst-Speed4Fun54.75
34Tasmania (Australia)Tassie Speed Seekers53.05
35North (Croatia)Cro Gust Busters50.61
36Victoria (Australia)The Pit Crew41.98
37Queensland (Australia)Gold Coast Speed Team34.31
38Italy North East (Italy)Italian Bora Riders33.10
39South (Netherlands)Dutch Fun Speeders32.10
40Western Australia (Australia)One More Knot24.27
41West (Croatia)Nevera s Kvarnera!24.00
42Victoria (Australia)The Southerly Busters23.90
43Western Australia (Australia)Perth Southsiders20.55
44South Australia (Australia)SA Speed Demons18.23
1Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Boardriders Club21
2New South Wales (Australia)Central Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)48
3New South Wales (Australia)Lake Macquarie49
4South (Netherlands)BeNeFun speedteam53
4Queensland (Australia)Board Crazy Crew53
6New South Wales (Australia)Illawarra Speedsters57
7Western Australia (Australia)Mandurah Mob58
8South (Croatia)Croatian Speed Team68
9Western Australia (Australia)Coastal Speed team76
10Flanders (Belgium)O-Spot78
11North West (Netherlands)Wad1team86
11South (Great Britain)Portland Pirates86
13Queensland (Australia)Moreton Bay Mob97
14South (Netherlands)Grevelingen Chop Team101
15South (Netherlands)Team Oolderplas105
16New South Wales (Australia)The Breakaways108
17USA (United States of America)United Speedsailors of America109
18South (Croatia)Cro Windfakers114
19Tasmania (Australia)Tassie Speed Seekers116
19Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Locals Team116
21Queensland (Australia)FNQ Mob118
22Western Australia (Australia)Pinnaroos121
23New South Wales (Australia)Double Demerits130
24New South Wales (Australia)Mid-North Coast Marauders133
25Queensland (Australia)Sunshine Coast Vikings134
25South Island (New Zealand)One Eyed Cantabrians134
27South Australia (Australia)Bogan Speed Team139
28New Caledonia (France)Crazy Frogs142
29East (Sweden)East Coast Speed Hawks150
30New South Wales (Australia)ACT Gustbusters152
31Victoria (Australia)The Pit Crew160
32Queensland (Australia)Redcliffe Freeriders177
33Victoria (Australia)Connewarre Cremasters182
34East (Great Britain)Team East189
35Middle (Netherlands)Team Horst-Speed4Fun190
36Western Australia (Australia)One More Knot209
37North (Croatia)Cro Gust Busters216
38West (Croatia)Nevera s Kvarnera!218
39Queensland (Australia)Gold Coast Speed Team219
40Western Australia (Australia)Perth Southsiders228
41Italy North East (Italy)Italian Bora Riders244
42South (Netherlands)Dutch Fun Speeders249
43South Australia (Australia)SA Speed Demons251
44Victoria (Australia)The Southerly Busters256