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1 Australia 1
2 Netherlands 7
3 Great Britain 9
4 Belgium 11
5 Croatia 18
6 New Zealand 31
7 United States of America 45
8 Sweden 46

Summer Cup!
Posted Mon 19th Jan

January is Summer cup month for AUS!

We have a heap of these GPSTC transparent sail stickers available (40cm square)

If you are willing to distribute them and put a bulk order together for your team or region contact us.

There will be a cost to cover shipping and a donation towards site expenses.


Choco fin auction

3 fins to go towards raising funds for site maintenance, 24cm, 26cm Tuttle pointers and a 40cm weed. Bids by 15th Feb through the contact tab above. Pictures here

Latest Sessions
Mon 26th JanuaryAU - QLDBoard Crazy BoysPete953
Always thought you were a bit of a squar
2 / 112 minutes ago
Sat 24th January [PB]x1AU - WAPinnaroosSnake
Another hard day at the office with Padd
10 / 712 minutes ago
Mon 26th JanuaryAU - QLDMoreton Bay Mobgregwed
Victoria Point, QLD, AU Pretty poor aft
1 / 013 minutes ago
Mon 26th JanuaryAU - VICBonno Blastersub
Elwood, VIC, AU   Nice sail at El
1 / 023 minutes ago
Sun 25th January [PB]x6AU - NSWDouble DemeritsJimbob
Good to see you George.. A good week com
2 / 826 minutes ago
Sun 25th JanuaryAU - VICThe Pit CrewAdo
Sounds like you had fun Pete. See you so
1 / 130 minutes ago
Sun 25th January [PB]x1AU - NSWIllawarra Speedstersjdemol
Nice speed Matt!
2 / 353 minutes ago
Sun 25th JanuaryHR - SouthCro Chop BreakersBrane
bravo dečki izvukli ste max sa malo
2 / 11 hour ago
Tue 20th JanuaryAU - NSWLake Macquariesboardcrazy
Lucky Bugger Adam.Well worth it.
6 / 31 hour ago
Thu 22nd January [PB]x1AU - NSWLake Macquariesboardcrazy
Look great Adam! top shots!
1 / 31 hour ago
Mon 26th JanuaryAU - TASTassie Speed SeekersBarry
Sisters Beach, TAS, AU A spot of gust h
1 / 02 hours ago
Sun 25th January [PB]x10AU - TASTassie Speed SeekersBarry
Congrats on the spot record, Jason. Allr
14 / 162 hours ago
Sun 25th January [PB]x1AU - WAPinnarooslao shi
E-mail me your file and I am happy to lo
4 / 52 hours ago
Fri 23rd January [PB]x2AU - NSWMid-North-Central Coast Marauderssboardcrazy
Love the idea1 couldn't do it but great
5 / 184 hours ago
Mon 26th JanuaryAU - QLDFNQ MobKel
Good to see your getting plenty of wind
1 / 16 hours ago
Sun 25th JanuaryAU - NSWACT GustbustersGav
Across the centre of paradise wasnt a pr
3 / 87 hours ago
Sat 24th JanuaryAU - NSWMid-North-Central Coast Marauderscraig cole
gday north coasters where is the best s
2 / 19 hours ago
Sat 24th JanuaryAU - NSWIllawarra Speedstersbushfire
Wild John!! Fantastic testing ideas. Goo
4 / 410 hours ago
Sat 24th JanuaryHR - WestCro Preluka WildnessBaneK
Da popravim ove duge zimske, hladne dane
1 / 310 hours ago
Sun 25th JanuaryAU - SASA Speed DemonsSWS
Bic techno 148 then Simmer Style Freemov
2 / 010 hours ago
Sun 25th JanuaryAU - WAMandurah Mob25
Nice speeds bender - post the track for
1 / 211 hours ago
Sat 24th January [PB]x1HR - NorthCro Gust BustersDome
Dobar flet.......samo treba malo skuži
2 / 112 hours ago
Sun 25th JanuaryHR - SouthCroatian Speed TeamODIN
super momci ....jebenti leda moja ....
2 / 113 hours ago
Sun 25th JanuaryNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed CantabriansMike Sinclair
But such good fun on wave gear! So slow
1 / 113 hours ago
Sat 10th JanuaryAU - WAPinnaroosWindxtasy
Are you sure you got those numbers right
2 / 118 hours ago