RankMap Country Score
1 Australia 1
2 Croatia 4
3 Netherlands 8
4 Great Britain 10
5 Belgium 13
6 New Zealand 15
7 Sweden 31
8 United States of America 43

GPS Units
Posted Wed 12th Nov
The Canmore GP102 is now accepted for GPSTC data recording.
The unit is limited in that it does not allow the detailed data checking that the GT31 allows.
Therefore it is recommended that if you are looking to get to the upper levels of the rankings you should be using a GT31.

To enhance the ability to check top level data it is requested that any post in the top 15 of the individual rankings is also submitted to www.gps-speedsurfing.com 
Each team is responsible for checking data to keep the challenge as accurate as possible. If you are uncertain about the accuracy of a track please contact your team captain or use the contact link on the homepage.
KA72.com is the easiest way for most posts to the challenge to be made and further analysis can be carried out using additional software. Please consider supporting the windsurfers who have put time in to developing software.
GPS Action Replay  (www.gpsactionreplay.com)
GPS Results (www.gps-speed.com)
Real Speed (www.intellimass.com) Windows only
Latest Sessions
Thu 18th December [PB]x2AU - QLDMoreton Bay MobVando
Nice gybing phil   Congrats Trev
5 / 56 minutes ago
Wed 17th DecemberAU - WACoastal Speed teamSTROPPO
Nice one Shane only 1knot of your pb so
3 / 920 minutes ago
Wed 17th DecemberAU - WAPerth SouthsidersFatmatt
Melville Beach, WA, AU Fwing 7m 110 iso
3 / 354 minutes ago
Thu 18th December [PB]x3AU - NSWACT GustbustersKeef
troll alls good with the rite gear, made
3 / 31 hour ago
Wed 17th DecemberAU - NSWMid-North-Central Coast MaraudersMark Hampton
Queens Lake, NSW, AU Sailed with Phil.
7 / 21 hour ago
Thu 18th DecemberAU - WAPinnaroosSnake
Super quick blast outta peli. Light ligh
1 / 01 hour ago
Thu 18th DecemberAU - SASA Speed DemonsPK
Whyalla, SA, AU Wind 18-25 from sth, Th
3 / 11 hour ago
Thu 18th DecemberAU - WAMandurah Mobfangman
Fangyland afternoon cruise with Wazza ,
2 / 02 hours ago
Thu 18th DecemberAU - QLDBoard Crazy BoysMartin Worling
Holy crap Brad. You always smoke everyon
3 / 12 hours ago
Thu 18th DecemberAU - QLDGold Coast Speed Teamphil
Should of went to Wello Shannon. Norther
1 / 12 hours ago
Thu 18th DecemberAU - TASTassie Speed SeekersJohnny
Paper Beach, TAS, AU Token sail at the
5 / 02 hours ago
Thu 18th DecemberAU - NSWMid-North-Central Coast MaraudersHamish Stuart
Sanctuary Point, NSW, AU Great day sail
3 / 12 hours ago
Thu 18th DecemberAU - WAThe Wannabeesray gun
Pelican Point,  Isonic 127, Overdr
1 / 02 hours ago
Thu 18th DecemberAU - VICThe Southerly Busterskato
You do know better Pete,but then you lis
2 / 13 hours ago
Thu 18th DecemberAU - VICThe Pit Crewkato
A nice little session with Andrew and Pe
1 / 03 hours ago
Thu 18th DecemberAU - QLDFNQ MobSausage
iS90, 7.0RBlade, 33 CL Sl2 - Lammermoor
1 / 03 hours ago
Sat 13th DecemberAU - QLDMoreton Bay MobRolz
Wellington Point, QLD, AU
9 / 73 hours ago
Thu 18th DecemberAU - QLDSunshine Coast VikingsRagnar Hairylegs
Those are good results Kari.
4 / 14 hours ago
Sun 14th December [PB]x2AU - QLDMoreton Bay MobGot out
Top effort Dave :). Great achievement on
7 / 114 hours ago
Thu 18th DecemberAU - QLDBurrum Heads M.O.B.Andy
Urangan, QLD, AU Another nice lunch-bre
2 / 04 hours ago
Tue 16th December [PB]x2AU - NSWLake Macquariesboardcrazy
Hey Andrew reverse that image and it wou
6 / 177 hours ago
Wed 17th December [PB]x4AU - WAMandurah Mobfangman
What Canmore? I just use clumps of weed
6 / 208 hours ago
Wed 17th December [PB]x7AU - WAPinnaroosSnake
Haha, I meant generally, not this month
6 / 258 hours ago
Wed 17th DecemberAU - QLDGold Coast Speed TeamtillDark
1 / 28 hours ago
Tue 16th DecemberAU - VICThe Pit CrewAdo
Well done getting five runs in that crap
2 / 29 hours ago