SA Speed Demons
SailorSail NumberAge Division
HammaAUS 915Grand Master (45 - 59)
Chris ReiffelOpen (18 - 34)
Chris DimondAus06Grand Master (45 - 59)
KimbaAUS024Grand Master (45 - 59)
Norman ClarkeLegend (60+)
Joe Grand Master (45 - 59)
Dave MS018Legend (60+)
Dr DuckAUS 19Grand Master (45 - 59)
DazzGrand Master (45 - 59)
Kym ManningGrand Master (45 - 59)
Ricky HamoodGrand Master (45 - 59)
DeeGrand Master (45 - 59)
Warren MudgeGrand Master (45 - 59)
JimbobAUS;488Grand Master (45 - 59)
PKGrand Master (45 - 59)
Hayden MGrand Master (45 - 59)
dannyLegend (60+)
PineappleMaster (35 - 44)

Latest Sessions for SA Speed Demons
Fri 18th January10Hamma2 days ago
Sat 12th January311Grand Master of None4 days ago
Mon 07th January10Norman Clarke9 days ago
Sat 05th January20Norman Clarke9 days ago
Fri 04th January10Norman Clarke9 days ago
Sun 30th December [PB]x235Grand Master of None16 days ago
Fri 21st December10PK17 days ago
Sat 29th December21Grand Master of None20 days ago
Thu 13th December10PK34 days ago
Sun 09th December11hoppy40 days ago
Sat 08th December10Hamma42 days ago
Sun 02nd December21Grand Master of None48 days ago
Sat 01st December12Kimba49 days ago
Sat 17th November20Kimba50 days ago
Tue 27th November11PJ53 days ago
Mon 19th November12PK57 days ago
Fri 23rd November10Jimbob57 days ago
Thu 22nd November11Hardie 58 days ago
Tue 06th November11Drifter60 days ago
Wed 14th November11Grand Master of None65 days ago
Fri 02nd November22PJ77 days ago
Tue 16th October11Kimba95 days ago
Sun 14th October12Kimba95 days ago
Fri 14th September12Larko127 days ago
Thu 13th September10Jimbob128 days ago