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Posted Wed 13th May

Motion Logger is now Approved


To stop any chance of pressure to post, we're increasing the yearly discards by 6 months, (thanks Hardy), with any luck this should get us through the social distancing requirements, but we can review later if needed.

So at the moment I've made all discards 7 months.

For the same reasons, we are also abandoning the seasonal Cups until further notice


 Please remember the social isolation recommendations while sailing, in car parks and on the beach!

1.5m minimum personal distance, and no personal contact. Do not share equipment unless sanitised first.

Be seen to be doing the right thing by not spending any more time than is absolutely nessasary on the beach and in the car parks.

Please think carefully about where and how you travel for your windsurfing and follow the govenment guidlines and rules at all times. Excessive travel may bring you into contact with a a lot more people than is necessary and is not a good idea.

Stay safe and keep others safe.

Latest Sessions
Fri 29th MayAU - QLDFNQ MobPete C
Lake Weyba, Isonic117/35/8.6 O/d mach3
1 / 04 minutes ago
Fri 29th MayAU - QLDGold Coast Speed TeamTonyK
good to see a few team members on the wa
3 / 145 minutes ago
Fri 29th MayUS - WThe West Coast SpeedstersMarc van B
LAC BAY, Bonaire Starboard Kode Frewwav
1 / 01 hour ago
Fri 29th MayNL - SBeNeFun speedteamTheo Haarsma
And another one in the sun. Happy windur
2 / 02 hours ago
Wed 27th MayNL - SBeNeFun speedteamFrank Baksteen
Lekker weer met een G10 Volt2!! Omgebouw
2 / 03 hours ago
Thu 28th May [PB]x1NL - SBeNeFun speedteamFrank Baksteen
Lekker sessie weer. Niet snel maar wel l
8 / 03 hours ago
Fri 29th MayHR - WestNevera s Kvarnera!Turbo puž
Punat, HR 140/8,6/46
1 / 04 hours ago
Fri 29th May [PB]x1HR - NorthCro KJD Zagreb GPS TeamWarrior
bravo Majstorenext step 30,01 KTs
1 / 14 hours ago
Fri 29th MayAU - WAPinnaroosWindsup
About time you retired from professional
6 / 97 hours ago
Fri 29th MayAU - WACoastal Speed teamWindsup
Noice one stroppo, I was stuck in isolat
1 / 27 hours ago
Fri 29th MayAU - WAMandurah Mobfangy
Strewth Vic, someone take the batteries
3 / 19 hours ago
Sun 24th May [PB]x6AU - WAOne More KnotStretch
"Menace"  nice one, well done!
3 / 211 hours ago
Fri 29th May [PB]x6AU - QLDSunshine Coast VikingsAstrid
Welcome to the team Matt, great to have
6 / 212 hours ago
Fri 29th MayAU - QLDSEQ Speed teamCocky2
Manly, QLD, AU 115Blast / 7.8OD / 38T
3 / 012 hours ago
Fri 29th MayAU - WASwan River Mob25
Melville Beach, WA, AU Short afternoon
1 / 013 hours ago
Fri 29th MayAU - QLDMoreton Bay MobVando
Wellington Point, QLD, AU Nice sail aft
6 / 113 hours ago
Fri 29th MayAU - NSWLake Macquariesboardcrazy
Glad I didn't bother.. Yes Boston..I wa
1 / 213 hours ago
Fri 29th MayAU - QLDPursuitShane
A wee wind that was better closer in tha
2 / 014 hours ago
Sat 23rd MayAU - WAThe WannabeesWally Sailor
Melville Beach, WA, AU Very boring sail
1 / 016 hours ago
Thu 28th MayUS - WThe West Coast SpeedstersBarton
Lac Bay, Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands
1 / 022 hours ago
Thu 28th MayNZ - Sth IsOne Eyed CantabriansDinks
Lyttelton Harbour, NZ125 JP naish 7 NP f
1 / 01 day ago
Thu 28th MayNL - STeam OolderplasSander Wiltschut
Mooie dag Kabbelaar met Eric! Grtz. San
1 / 01 day ago
Thu 28th MayGB - Engl-ETeam EastStephen Squirrell
Thursday 28th May - Windsurf ***** - Riv
1 / 01 day ago
Fri 22nd MayNL - SBeNeFun speedteamEdgarH
5 / 01 day ago
Sat 23rd MayNL - SBeNeFun speedteamEdgarH
7 / 01 day ago
Thu 28th MayBE - FlanOesterdam Boardriders ClubBenjamin Verdin
Foiling is hot. 15 foilers op een weekda
1 / 01 day ago
Thu 28th May [PB]x2HR - WestNevera s Kvarnera!Veki CRO134
Preluka, Volosko, HR   Np 7,0 / 1
6 / 21 day ago
Thu 28th MayHR - SouthVazeljin loversAlex
Seget, 114,7.0,35
3 / 01 day ago
Thu 28th MayHR - SouthWindfunckers PagMozus
Pag, Kosljun, HR Super trama 114 - 7.7
2 / 01 day ago
Thu 28th MayAU - WAPerth SouthsidersNelson
RRD Firestorm 120L with 5.3M KA Koyote &
2 / 01 day ago
Sun 24th MayAU - WAPerth SouthsidersNelson
RRD Firestorm 120L with 5.3M KA Koyote &
2 / 01 day ago