Combined Yearly Team Rankings for:

Black = Normal score
Red = Forfeit (no team session for the month)
(Grey) = Discard (not counted towards final score)

1South Australia (Australia)Bogan Speed Team02020
2Western Australia (Australia)Mandurah Mob02323
2Western Australia (Australia)Pinnaroos02323
4New Caledonia (France)Crazy Frogs02929
5Victoria (Australia)The Pit Crew03434
6Western Australia (Australia)Coastal Speed team04242
7Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Boardriders Club04848
8Queensland (Australia)SEQ Speed team05959
9Tasmania (Australia)Tassie Speed Seekers06060
9South (Netherlands)BeNeFun speedteam06060
11Western Australia (Australia)Swan River Mob06464
12Queensland (Australia)Moreton Bay Mob08181
13Victoria (Australia)The Bridesmaids08484
14Western Australia (Australia)Perth Southsiders08686
15New South Wales (Australia)Central Coast Marauders (Budgie Smugglers)08989
16New South Wales (Australia)Double Demerits0100100
17New South Wales (Australia)Illawarra Speedsters0111111
18Queensland (Australia)FNQ Mob0112112
19Queensland (Australia)Sunshine Coast Vikings0121121
20Flanders (Belgium)Oesterdam Locals Team0130130
21New South Wales (Australia)Lake Macquarie0138138
22South Island (New Zealand)One Eyed Cantabrians0141141
23Queensland (Australia)Pursuit0145145
24New South Wales (Australia)Far South Coast GPS0147147
25Western Australia (Australia)The Wannabees0153153
26Western Australia (Australia)One More Knot0159159
26New South Wales (Australia)St George SC Speed Team0159159
28USA (United States of America)United Speedsailors of America0165165
28New South Wales (Australia)Gustbusters0165165
30West (Croatia)The Luftbremzers0168168
31New South Wales (Australia)Mid-North Coast Marauders0170170
31South (Great Britain)Portland Pirates0170170
33Flanders (Belgium)O-Spot0179179
34New South Wales (Australia)The Breakaways0186186
35Queensland (Australia)Sandstone Seabreezers0197197
36Queensland (Australia)Gold Coast Speed Team0204204
37West (United States of America)The West Coast Speedsters0208208
38Middle (Netherlands)Team Horst-Speed4Fun0216216
39North (Croatia)Cro WKC Blades0234234
40South (Croatia)Vazeljin lovers0240240
40South (Croatia)Windfunckers Pag0240240
40New South Wales (Australia)Astronauts0240240
40Victoria (Australia)The Southerly Busters0240240
40South Australia (Australia)SA Speed Demons0240240
40New South Wales (Australia)Retired NSW0240240
40Queensland (Australia)Retired Queensland0240240
40Western Australia (Australia)Retired W.A0240240
40East (Great Britain)Team East0240240
40South (Netherlands)Dutch Fun Speeders0240240
40West (Croatia)Cro North Adriatic Team0240240
40Italy North East (Italy)Italian Bora Riders0240240
40West (Croatia)Nevera s Kvarnera!0240240
40West (Sweden)West Coast Speed0240240
40East (Sweden)East Coast Speed Hawks0240240
40South (Netherlands)Grevelingen Chop Team0240240
40Victoria (Australia)Bonno Blasters0240240
40South (Netherlands)Team Oolderplas0240240
40Other (Australia)Memorial Team0240240